Google Ads For Charities
What is the Google ad grant and how do you get it? Google ad grants is part of the Google Non profits programme. To qualify for a Google ad grant your organisation must apply for Google non profits.  To sign up for Google non profits in Northern Ireland, you must meet the following criteria your organisation must be registered with TT exchange organisations must be a non profit or non governmental organisation with a recognisable status within Northern Ireland. You must be registered with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland and/or registered with the HMRC as tax exempt. Have a website with substantial content The Google ad grant allows your organisation to raise awareness through non profit advertising. It allows you to run text ads on Google search with the budget of $10,000 USD per month. This allows your charity to grow while saving resources for what matters most. You can grow your non profit fundraising network through  tracking online donations, newsletter signups, volunteer sign ups and to stay aware of those who drive your organisation forward. using your Google ad grant The Google search ads are extremely useful when you are wanting to build your brand awareness as a charity  Changes to the Algorithm The   changes   to   the   algorithm   have   been   promised   as   the   biggest   change   to   date   but   what does   this   actually   mean?   Currently   we   have   our   main   Facebook   news   feed   where   we   find   our advertisements   and   posts   from   businesses,   friends   and   family.   When   conducting   their   study they    realised    people    are    getting    impatient    with    the    advertisements    and    business    posts. Facebook   in   reaction   have   decided   to   create   2   timelines.   One   will   be   our   main   news   feed which   will   show   our   posts   from   just   family   and   friends   and   the   second   will   be   called   the “explore”   feed.   The   Explore   feed   will   host   all   of   the   pages   you   like,   your   groups,   business   page posts.   The   problem   facing   business   owners   is   that   their   posts   may   not   be   seen!   Facebook users   would   have   to   click   on   the   explore   feed   to   see   any   of   our   posts.   At   the   same   time, Facebook   makes   a   lot   of   revenue   out   of   businesses   on   Facebook.   Its   a   great   platform   for targeting   your   specific   audience   and   encouraging   them   to   become   a   client   or   consumer, therefore   Facebook   want   people   to   click   to   the   explore   tab.   The   only   way   to   do   this   is   to   make that   feed   as   engaging   as   possible.   Facebook   easily   tracks   each   engagement   on   a   post   and   will rank   them   based   on   what   reaches   the   most   engagement.   Knowing   this   how   can   we   adapt   to the new Facebook environment? How to prepare your business Engagement!   We   need   the   most   interaction   for   our   page   and   for   our   posts.   The   best   way   to achieve   this   is   by   creating   the   best   content   for   our   posts.   Pictures   are   a   great   eye   grabber, choose   an   image   that   make   them   stop   to   get   a   second   look,   an   image   that   provokes   an emotion.   The   best   colours   to   use   for   this   are   red,   blue   and   orange.   These   colours   stand   out   to the   eye   and   make   your   posts   more   magnetic.   It   is   also   important   to   choose   your   content   or topic    wisely,    the    best    content    is    based    on    comedy,    trends    or    unique    posts.    Facebook    is searching   for   unique   content   which   means   they   don’t   want   to   see   the   same   advert   repeated by   similar   companies.   Creating   a   post   that   is   based   on   trends,   does   not   refer   to   re-sharing information   that   has   some   relevance   to   your   business,   for   example   if   you   are   in   a   health   care business   and   you   share   adverts   about   other   peoples   research,   this   is   going   to   benefit   the source   of   the   research,   not   yourself.   Take   a   spin   on   the   health   message   and   write   your   own article or post! - Remember to choose your eye catching photo. Another   handy   tip   for   making   your   posts   engaging   is   by   making   them   relevant.   With   this   new timeline,   Facebook   will   also   have   a   target   button   for   each   post.      This   will   look   like   a   bullet   icon, If   you   are   like   me,   you   will   be   getting   very   excited   about   this   because   this   means   that   you   can target   the   audience   of   your   post   like   you   do   for   a   target   audience   in   a   Facebook   advert!   You will receive a greater post engagement if you are targeting the correct audience for your post. It   is   important   to   also   promote   conversation   between   the   users   on   your   Facebook   posts.   This means   asking   them   questions   and   responding   to   comments   on   your   post.   It   is   important   not to   fall   into   engagement-bait   here.   Do   not   ask   questions   such   as   “   do   you   like   roller   coasters? Share   this   post”   This   is   been   noted   as   spam-my   and   Facebook   picks   up   on   certain   words   that are   seen   as   “orders”   such   as   “buy   now.”   If   you   are   selling   a   product,   publish   a   post   that   leads the   user   to   want   to   know   more   about   the   product.   If   you   increase   interest,   it   will   increase engagement naturally. If   you   are   reading   this   and   you   haven’t   started   to   prepare   your   Facebook   Business   page   for the   new   algorithm,   I   recommend   starting   this   as   soon   as   possible.   Building   up   engagement now will benefit you when it launches in a few months. If   you   need   any   help   with   this   Emerald   Marketing   offer   A   Facebook   Training   programme, tailored        to        your        business.        For        a        quote,        please        contact        Emma        on .