Link Building
To understand link building we will need to take ourselves back to the beginning of search engines. At the beginning search engines ranked website pages based on their content and nothing else. This stopped when Google released their page rank algorithm which ranked websites, not only on their content but by how many people linked to that page. 20 years later and links are still the best way to rate a web page,  that is why back links are Google’s go to signal to determine where your page should rank. It is important to note here that it isn’t just how many links direct to your page but also the quality of the links. This was introduced with the algorithm ‘Google Penguin.’ Low quality back links will damage your domain authority whereas high quality links will help your authority. The best way to avoid using bad quality back links is to analyse the website before you submit a link. Consider the following; Is it relevant to your content? How much traffic does the site get? is the site filled with spam links? What is the domain age? Where will your link will be located on the page? Building back links can be done through other methods, not just through websites. Here are a few different ways to build your back link authority. Emails Spam   emails   have   been   around   for   years   and   they   are   still   successful   today   if   they   are approached   in   the   right   way.   The   first   thing   you   want   to   do   is   sign   up   for   a   mass   mail service   provider   e.g   Dotmailer   or   Mail-chimp.      You   can   send   you   emails   through   these platforms   easily,   from   designing   a   snazzy   look   to   uploading   your   email   contacts   through   a CSV   file.   We   send   emails   through   these   platforms   because   of   3   reasons.   The   first   being   that if   we   sent   mass   emails   through   our   own   private   servers   on   a   regular   basis,   your   hosting server   with   block   the   emails   going   out.   When   you   use   a   third   party   programme   to   do   this, they   will   go   via   a   separate   server.   leaving   your   email   account   safe.   The   second   reason   is because   of   the   design   features,   you   can   create   the   email   with   any   look   and   style   that   you can   dream,   without   having   to   worry   about   email   capacity   (   a   designers   dream)!   The   third reason   is   because   you   can   track   the   data   and   file   reports   of   the   emails   you   have   sent   out. This    means    you    can    analyse    how    many    people    are    engaging    with    the    emails    you    are sending to determine the best emails for your business. Top   Tip*    Send   out   your   emails   in   the   afternoon   -   Most   people   send   their   emails   out   in   the morning   but   they   get   lumped   in   with   the   other   80   emails   they   have   received   in   the   morning, making   it   more   likely   that   your   email   will   be   overlooked.   Sent   them   out   in   the   afternoon   when their mailbox is empty. Blogs Using blogs are a great way to build authority for two reasons; increasing your authority through other peoples blogs and secondly, improving your authority with your own blog. Blogs are also great for SEO in general because they are filled with keywords and help you build your website content. The best approach for getting included in someone elses blog is to message bloggers and ask them to include your product or service in their blog. They are easy to find, there are large communities of bloggers online. It is important to note that not all bloggers will automatically link to your website but with a gentle nudge and politely asking them, most will be happy to include it. Others will want a reciprocal links. Offer to share your blog on  your social media pages, you can share the link to your blog post. Improving you own authority, as noted above, is  compiled of out going and incoming links. Writing a blog means you have fresh information to share, this can be on you social media. When you post a link to your platforms and they are a credible authority, then you are increasing your back links. They links will send them back to your website increasing your traffic. As a bonus it will also give you fresh content for your Facebook page, helping you out with the new Facebook changes coming this year ( to read my post on Facebook Changes 2018) Directories There are a lot of online directories today, that there is no reason that your website should be lacking in back links. Directories are a great way to link back to your website and its very easy to do but it also very time consuming. Most directories take 4-6 months to approve your back links so its important that if you haven’t done so, you get started on this right away! Look for directories that are based around you and work your way out, there are 100s for the United Kingdom alone. Take it day by day and add a few. It is a very tedious process and its very important that you take the time to make sure that you details match across each directory. Failure to do so will damage your authority.  Social Media Pages Social media pages are a great way to add authority to your website