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Most charities now recognise that digital marketing is important for a charities growth, however many are still not aware of how the correct digital presence can impact the bottom line of their charity organisation.

The primary reason Emerald Marketing, was established was to help charities to do more in their community by increasing their digital presence and online revenue. Our founder, Emma McClenaghan, was working as the Digital Marketing Executive for Northern Ireland Chest Heart and Stroke when she noticed their was no digital marketing services tailored specifically to charities in Northern Ireland. Digital Marketing agency’s have been taking a commercial approach to charity digital marketing. This can end up hurting the charity more than it helps.

Research has shown that charities are missing out tens to hundreds of thousands per year because they haven’t optimised their digital marketing processes and platforms. Emerald Marketing, Belfast, is here to help your charity on their digital marketing journey so your charity can do more.

Digital Marketing For Charities

We offer £2000 grants towards the cost of a new website.

Charities can receive a £2,000 website grant from Emerald Marketing when they need a new website developed. We can improve your donation journey process, your event registration, lead generation and supporters to increase your digital online revenue. .

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How are you spending your $10,000 Google Grant

Google ad grants is part of the Google Non profits programme. The Google ad grant allows your organisation to raise awareness through non profit advertising. It allows you to run text ads on Google search with the budget of $10,000 USD per month.

Who Can Qualify?

Charities across Northern Ireland, Ireland and the United kingdom can apply for a Google ad grant. To qualify you must hold a valid charity status. Acknowledge and agree to Google’s required certifications regarding non-discrimination and donation receipt and use and have a live website with substantial content.

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