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Social Media For Charities

Social media can drive your charity forward by increasing your brand and your supporters. There are various social media platforms that have different target audiences, for example Instagram's main audience is people under 30, where as linked in focuses on businesses. For each platform you need to tailor your campaign for each audience. Emerald Marketing is here to make sure we maximise each of your campaigns for the correct audience to gain your charity more supporters and increase your income generation.

Facebook For Non Profits

The Basics

Join the 750k nonprofits using Facebook pages to build their communities


Raise Awareness

Find people who care about your cause among a global community of 18 billion people.

Active Supporters

More than 150 million people are connected to a cause on Facebook.


Raise Funds

The Facebook community has raised millions of pounds for nonprofits through Facebook fundraisers and donation buttons.


If your charity would like to target a younger audience then Instagram is the correct platform for you. With over 300 million users daily and 59% of adults ages 18-29 using the platform, there is no better network to target a younger audience for your cause.

What makes Instagram different to any other social media network is the way in which people use it. Instagram users engage with posts at a much higher rate than any other social media network. They check in on the platform several times a day making them much more likely to see your posts.

To succeed with Instagram, you need a clearly defined strategy, eye catching images, the correct hashtags and commitment to constant posting. Emerald Marketing is here to help you run a successful Instagram campaign along side you other social media platforms.


Linkedin isn't for every charity but if your non profit organisation works with corporate partnerships, relies on volunteers or needs to recruit staff externally, then Linkedin is crucial for you.

We have found in our experience that Linkedin the most underutilized social media channel for non profits and it is the least understood of all the social media platforms. However it currently has over 414 million users which means if you do meet the criteria above then it is defiantly worth your time.

To succeed with Linkedin you need to be constantly maintaining your non profits business page and taking advantage of the correct assets the platform has to offer. Not sure what these are? Give us a call and we will discuss your non profits aims from the social media platform and recommend the best available options for yourself.


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