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Instagram & Your Charity


More and more organisations are using Instagram to reach a wider audience, charities are no different. Charities all across the world are joining to be part of the conversation. This is because if your posts are topical you have the possibility to reach a wider audience. Charities and non profits often have rich and engaging stories and images that can be utilised on Instagram. It is a great platform for sharing to this wider audience and to build your brand. .

How to reach your audience

Instagram is a community platform to reach the next generation of your supporters and donors - both millennial and gen Z. The first step is to introduce your charity or organisation. Instagram is used as a discovery tool, to find new inspiration and engage with ideas. This provides a great opportunity for charities, as most content on a users Instagram news feed is from people they don’t know, unlike Facebook. This means you have an open audience to introduce your charity and it’s message.


Incorporating your brand

It is important to have your brand incorporated into your image from the start, whether its an event, campaign, logo or brand colours. This is important so that users recognise your posts. This is especially important when users regram your image from their accounts. This is a great way to reach new audiences but the audience needs to recognise your organisation, adding a clear brand will help this process.

Images that work best

Images that work best for Instagram are compelling, consistent and tell the user everything they need to know. Instagram is built for mobile, therefore you don’t need expensive photography equipment to reach your audience. Images taken on a smart phone work just as well. It’s worth A/B testing content to see what works best for your audience.

Using Hash tags

Adding hash tags can widen your audience reach, they make up a large part of connecting to your audience. Instagram has its own hash tags and language so some of the hash tags you use on twitter and Facebook might not work here. To reach the biggest audience you should choose to use popular, trending hash tags. #charity might not be as effective here.

Don’t forget about video

Make sure you are sharing video content along with your images. On average users spend just 3 seconds watching a video on Instagram before deciding if they are going to continue watching. Therefore the first 3 seconds need to be the most engaging to captivate your audience.


Taking the time

It is important to take the time to engage with others on the platform, through comments, likes and follows to get the most success on the platform. The average millennial user spends 22 minutes on Instagram daily.

Influential users

working with influential users on Instagram is a great way to attract more followers. The best way is to contact them through direct messaging and ask them to create content for your charity.


For brands unlike individuals, the general consensus is to post no more than 1-2 images daily and between 3-4 times per week for best engagement. people tend to have a deeper connection with brands that they follow on Instagram. Don’t be afraid to get personal and post some behind the scenes action shots from within your charity.


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